I’m back to it!

It’s been so long since I wrote anything, school has been so consuming! Good news though, I finished my associate’s degree, with honours too! I’m currently wrapping up my transfer applications and looking for OPT placement, I’m so excited for the next leg of my academic journey!


Trying my Hand at professional Clothing

Even in my previous career I didn’t have to dress professionally! This whole professional dressing thingy at 41 is interesting, I’ve always wanted to own a power suit, I’ve figured that would be my present to myself upon completing my accounting degree. Not long ago I went to a clothing swap and got some awesome new clothes, including some professional wear. Today I tried my hand at dressing all professional-like…it feels good!




Date Night!

So, I’ve never seen the Reverend Horton Heat before, I know, it’s a a terrible thing. My boyfriend is a huge fan and has never seen him before either so I bought us tickets as a surprise to him! I’m excited as we have never been to a show together and we both desperately need a night out….I’m also going to wear a corset for the first time in a long time, yay!


reverend horton heat

Lunch Break

Earlier this week it was like a monsoon, and now it’s sunny and beautiful out. I find the weather in New England even more unpredictable than my home of many years, Vancouver, BC.  I’m certainly not complaining about the sunshine though, I meditated and talked to my best friend….egad, being so far away from him is hard sometimes!




Boston Dharma Punx

Yesterday I visited Boston Boston Dharma Punx for the first time to meditate, it was incredibly healing. I’ve been meaning to go for close to two years and have found a million reasons not to. I knew it would be good for me but my anxiety kept getting in the way. Thankfully I have made a new friend who has meditated since he was 13 and willingly let me drag him along….needless to say I am grateful. I feel much more at peace today….methinks this will be a regular part of my self care routine from now on.dharma_punx_by_blackredroses