About and Testimonials

The path to the second half of my life, and return to the land of academia to become an accountant. My name is Kara, I’m an international accounting student in Boston, the city I’ve come to love dearly. I am deeply passionate about numbers and nerdery, crafting, my son, vegetarianism and veganism, sleep, and travelling.


In all the years I have known Kara Downs, on both professional and personal levels, I have been consistently impressed with her incredible business acumen, innovative spirit, and inspiring ability to spin gold out of straw. She is the epitome of dedicated professional, with an intelligent, flexible, honest, ever curious demeanor. Kara is an incredible person, with the wherewithal to step in and work within existing parameters, collaboratively create new operational procedures as needed/wanted, and help develop new pathways to organizational success. You would be so very lucky, and wise, to have her as part of your team.

Mara Owens

Founder Owens Consulting

I have a strong business presence on Instagram and Twitter solely because of Kara Downs’ great work!  Kara quickly gained a nuanced understanding of me and my work. She manages my accounts with superb intelligence, great writing, and regular posts.  Personable, smart, enthusiastic, and creative.  I am very fortunate to have had Kara on the team.
Lyle Povah
CEO, Drumming and Health