Back to the Grind

I had a lovely four day getaway to Vermont, it was a much needed break after finishing classes for the semester. Mixed weather, but having living in  a very rainy city for most of my life this isn’t really an issue for me! Lots of yummy food grilled over a fire, sweet sleep-ins, snuggles, the smell of fresh cut grass and sunshine went  a long way to rejuvenating my soul!


Vermont for the Weekend

After getting all my final results back I’m looking at three A’s and one B for the semester. Federal Taxation was a bit of a doozy. My professor was awesome, very knowledgeable, sarcastic and funny. I’m looking forward to graduating in the fall with my associate’s degree, I’ll still have a couple more years to go but I’m that much closer to being done.


In the meantime, I’m running away to Vermont for the weekend to get some much needed rest!